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One Enquiry and contacts ALL BMW Scrap Yards!

Engine Finder Scrap Yard network stocks an extensive selection of replacement BMW spares and parts for nearly every BMW model on the highway. Of these would be the BMW 118i, 116i, 320i, 120d, 520, 325i, 520d, 640i, 525i, 740i, X5 and X3 models.

For virtually any BMW model, it’s very likely our BMW scrap yard network will have the spares you’ll need.

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About BMW

BMW, has become the planet’s major producers of luxurious automobiles and high-quality motors. It was actually launched in 1916 and it has its head office in Munich.

Nowadays BMW is a holding company of Rolls-Royce Motor Vehicles. Additionally, it is the owner of the Mini brand name; it actually launched the new shape Mini back in 2001.

South Africa has performed a role in building BMWs Since 1968. The Rosslyn factory outside of Pretoria makes BMWs both for local and export marketplaces. positioned BMW as the planet’s most trustworthy organization in 2012, according to a market study.

Locations our suppliers offer BMW parts

Thinking where you can purchase BMW spare parts? At Engine Finder, our scrap yard network supplies a comprehensive choice of BMW parts in Gauteng, from our network in Johannesburg and from our scrap yards in Pretoria and Midrand. We also have scrap yards in Durban and Cape Town.

Please be aware all of our BMW scrap yards deliver BMW parts nation wide straight to your door, sometimes this is at no extra charge depending on the type of part.

Varieties of BMW parts our Scrap Yard Network offer

Our BMW junk yard network can supply virtually any BMW spare part you may potentially require. They stock EVERYTHING since the dismantle accident damaged BMW’s and salvage all the parts. This includes body parts such as mirrors, doors, fenders, bumpers, taillamps and headlamps.

Many of the most frequently required BMW engine parts, are cylinder heads, camshafts, crankshafts, blocks, diesel injectors, fuel injectors, pistons, conrods, rockers and sub assemblies.

Can you find cheap BMW parts from our supplier network?

The aftermarket BMW spares we offer are, in nearly in all circumstances, way cheaper those you will get straight from neighborhood BMW dealerships.

Buying aftermarket BMW parts does not mean you will be compromising on quality. Our junk yards work directly with lots of BMW authentic equipment companies and vendors (OES and OEM), plus the parts they stock tend to be just like those provided by nearby BMW part sellers – only at affordable prices.

BMW models we can help you find parts for

Should your BMW model not be displayed here, that won’t imply we’re not able to assist – get in touch and inform us of exactly what part you require as well as for which BMW and we shall try our best to help.

The list below shows a few of the numerous BMW models in which our scrap yard network stock parts for:


BMW 1 Series

  • 116i Essential A/T
  • M135i Hatch A/T
  • 118d Urban Essential A/T
  • 118d Sport Essential A/T
  • 116i Package A/T
  • 118d Sport Package A/T
  • 118d Urban Package A/T


  • sDrive18d Package A/T
  • sDrive18 Essential A/T
  • sDrive18d Sport A/T
  • sDrive18d xLine A/T
  • sDrive18d M Sport A/T

BMW 2 Series Coupe

  • 220i Coupe Sport Essential A/T
  • Coupe M235I A/T
  • 220i Coupe Sport Package A/T
  • 218i Active Tourer Essential A/T
  • BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
  • 218i Active Tourer Package A/T

BMW 3 Series

  • M3 Sedan DC/T
  • M3 Sedan Pure M/T
  • 320d Luxury Essential A/T
  • 318d Essential A/T
  • 320d Luxury Package A/T
  • 318d Package A/T
  • 320d Sport Package A/T
  • 320d Modern Package A/T

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

  • 20d Sport Essential A/T
  • 20d Luxury Essential A/T
  • 20d Modern Essential A/T
  • 20d Luxury Package A/T
  • 20d Sport Package A/T
  • 20d Modern Package A/T

BMW X6 (Sports Coupe)

BMW X6 variants

  • xDrive30d Essential A/T
  • xDrive30d Essential A/T


  • xDrive20d xLine Essential A/T
  • sDrive18d SE Essential A/T
  • XDrive20d xLine Package A/T
  • sDrive18d SE Package A/T

BMW 4 Series Coupe

  • M4 Coupe DC/T
  • M4 Coupe Pure M/T
  • 420d Sport Essential A/T

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

  • Luxury Essential A/T
  • Sport Essential A/T
  • Sport Package A/T
  • Luxury Package A/T


  • xDrive30d Essential A/T
  • xDrive20d Essential A/T
  • xDrive30d M Sport A/T
  • xDrive20d Package A/T

BMW 5 Series

  • 520d Modern Essential A/T
  • 520d Luxury Essential A/T
  • 520d Modern Package A/T
  • 530d Luxury Essential A/T
  • 530d Luxury Package A/T
  • 520d Luxury Package A/T

BMW 5 Series (Gran Turismo)

  • 520d Luxury Essential A/T
  • 520d Modern Essential A/T
  • 520d Modern Package A/T
  • 520d Luxury Package A/T
  • 520d Luxury Package A/T
  • 530d Luxury A/T
  • 530d Luxury Package A/T
  • 530d Modern Package A/T


  • xDrive30d Package A/T
  • xDrive30d Essential A/T
  • xDrive30d Experience A/T
  • xDrive30d M Sport A/T
  • xDrive30d Excellence A/T

BMW 6 Series

  • 640i Gran Coupe Package A/T
  • 640i Gran Coupe Essential A/T

BMW 7 Series

  • 740Li A/T
  • 730Li A/T
  • BMW M3
  • BMW E24
  • BMW M5
  • BMW Z4
  • sDrive20i Package A/T
  • Drive20i Essential A/T
  • BMW X6M
  • BMW 760
  • BMW Concept X6 Active Hybrid
  • BMW 600
  • BMW 745i E23
  • BMW 750
  • BMW New Class
  • BMW 700
  • BMW 2002tii
  • BMW 315
  • BMW 335
  • Isetta
  • BMW / EMW 340
  • BMW 333i E30
  • BMW M5 E28
  • BMW 325is E30
  • BMW 550
  • BMW 530 MLE
  • 320i
  • BMW 325
  • BMW 530
  • BMW 330
  • BMW 745
  • BMW 645
  • BMW 550i
  • BMW 535
  • BMW 545
  • BMW 650
  • BMW 2002
  • BMW 1600
  • BMW 528
  • BMW 135
  • BMW 128
  • BMW 2002ti
  • BMW H2R
  • X3 3.0i SAV
  • BMW F07
  • BMW 525
  • X5 4.8is SAV
  • X5 3.0i SAV

Past BMW Part Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2019-05-19 14:46:24 +02:00
Needed as soon as possible
2019-05-17 21:45:12 +02:00
i need a good used auto gearbox
2019-05-17 15:56:16 +02:00
looking for a BMW F13, 2012 year model in the Johannesburg area new or secondhand engine.
2019-05-16 21:07:53 +02:00
F30 320i
My f30 BMW seized while I was driving I do not know what was the problem. So I need to buy a new or used f30 engine."
2019-05-16 13:15:49 +02:00
Cape Town
looking for a new or second hand engine on a BMW 323I E90, 2007 year model in the Cape Town area.
2019-05-16 05:21:25 +02:00
I'm looking for engine block.
2019-05-15 08:53:49 +02:00
E60 362 525
looking for a complete new or secondhand engine on a BMW E60 525 362, in the Rustenburg area.
2019-05-14 14:29:16 +02:00
i am looking for a complete engine for BMW116i E87 N45
2019-05-14 13:43:30 +02:00
I need to repair my door lock, drivers door not opening inside and outside, passenger door only opening inside. thanks
2019-05-14 00:35:56 +02:00
Cape Town
BMW f30 N20 crank
I'm looking for a BMW f30 N20 crank please
0871352226 Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm