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In case you’re looking over this, chances are you interested in upgrade your Honda Ballade engine. The top gasket could have blown resulting in problems to the motor, the motor might have seized or maybe you where mixed up within an automobile accident. All of our everyday lives depend drastically on our vehicles enabling us to safely get to our job and then go back home again, and that is why it’s important to locate an engine promptly.

This website can certainly help any car owner residing in South Africa easily locate an engine for their Honda Ballade. We will enable you to quickly make contact with the scrap yards and Honda Ballade engine importers inside SA, no matter what make or model of the vehicle.

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Latest Honda Ballade Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2019-09-04 22:48:32 +02:00
Very Important! (Found On Your License Disc)
I am looking for a engine for a honda ballade 1987, as mine is leaking and overheating. Can you assist?
2019-08-30 20:31:23 +02:00
Cape Town
Very Important! (Found On Your License Disc)
looking for a engine 1993 honda ballade luxline D15b
2019-08-23 21:56:47 +02:00
Johan Brand
Very Important! (Found On Your License Disc)
Looking for a 1.3 engine for 1982 Honda Ballade
2019-08-15 20:17:52 +02:00
Cape town
Looking for a engine for 1995 honda ballade 1.5 carberator
2019-07-26 17:44:54 +02:00
D16 A
Hi, I am looking for a engine for my 1996 1.6 petrol Honda Ballade RS4, engine code D16 A
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We have a good sized community of Honda salvage yards.

You will find there’s significant community of salvage yards as well as, motor importers throughout South Africa. Once you enquire with Engine Finder, your enquiry quickly goes to every single company listed with us. This will save you the period of time attempting to make contact with several firms independently all on your own.

This too means that you should have far better results locating the engine you need. All by yourself, you’ll likely mostly phone the salvage yards which are local to you. When you enquire with Engine Finder, its possible you could get an Honda Ballade engine from a different area.

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There aren’t any intermediary costs when using our firm. The company sells you the motor, this means prices are not hiked up in no matter what. Every single company have a diverse approach to handling their organization, but you’ll be working specifically with them.

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You needn’t be worried as soon as your phone immediately starts ringing , mainly because all suppliers pick up your request simultaneously! Occasionally chances are you’ll see a pricing distinction between the various estimates you receive. Often the cheaper choice is not the most suitable!

Simple to use

We really take the fuss out of finding Honda Ballade engines for sale throughout South Africa. All of our phone operators are waiting to take your call from Mon to Fri between 8am – 17h00. Or our online enquiry form is available 24 / 7! Based on stock availability you should be getting responses from many Honda scrap yards from round the country.

Our organization has all the major car companies, that makes it easy to find the motor you absolutely must have. The saying: “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking” should cease being legitimate! Save much time from significantly less telephone calls and less driving to each scrap yard.

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