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    Looking For A Used Toyota Avanza Engine Price?

    car engineIn case you’re looking over this, then chances are you planning to change your Toyota Avanza engine. Its possible you have experienced a car accident, the engine might have seized, a cylinder head gasket blown, or perhaps much more reasons. A lot of our day by day activities highly will depend on our motor vehicles allowing us to safely get to the office and in addition go back home again, and that’s why it is advisable to find an engine promptly.

    Which is exactly where Engine Finder can come in to assist you within your mission to look for a used Toyota engine for sale. Regardless of Toyota Avanza vehicle you drive, we’re going to guide you in finding what you may need!

    Toyota Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

    Recent Engine Enquiries

    2021-07-15 14:23:21 +02:00
    looking for a subassembly
    2021-07-15 11:44:47 +02:00
    200km away from Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
    1.6 Avanza (GEAR BOX)
    looking for a 2016 Avanza Bus 15 seater Gear Box.
    2021-07-09 01:24:24 +02:00
    am looking for a complete toyota avanza 1.5 tx engine 3sz
    2021-07-08 17:10:48 +02:00
    Please find me an engine for Avanza 1.5
    2021-07-05 14:41:03 +02:00
    Port Elizabeth
    2021-07-02 12:03:00 +02:00
    looking for a complete engine on a Toyota Avanza, 1.5, 2013 year model, engine number: DDH3033, in the Pretoria area.
    2021-06-30 15:52:48 +02:00
    looking for a block
    2021-06-28 14:26:02 +02:00
    1.3 or 1.5
    looking for a complete used engine
    2021-06-24 17:07:38 +02:00
    Good day. Please find me a good Toyota Avanza 1.5 engine, 3SZ. This for the Mk1 Toyota Avanza.
    2021-06-13 14:40:44 +02:00
    Chatsworth Durban
    1.5 TX VVT-i
    Hi, Im looking for a price on a 1,5VVT-i engine for a toyota avanza 2011 model
    2021-06-09 12:46:57 +02:00
    Goodwood, Cape Town
    looking for a complete secondhand engine
    2021-06-05 09:52:17 +02:00
    Good day

    I am looking for toyota avanza 1.5 engine or sub assembly of it, of between 2012 and 2014. The engine in my car is written 3A on the side
    2021-06-03 12:28:05 +02:00
    looking for complete used engine
    2021-05-24 13:50:00 +02:00
    1.5 lt/ Avanza
    looking for a complete block, request feedback
    2021-05-12 12:41:24 +02:00
    I'm looking for Avanza engine i.5 model 2007
    How much
    Read More About The Toyota Avanza

    Toyota Avanza (Toyota Avanza)  – cars, created by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation. The model went on sale in 2003 and is still on sale. A little later, in 2004, another minivan from a Japanese company called Toyota Innova went on sale. Body Toyota Avanza  – five-seater minivan. The model belongs to the budget class and has a common platform with Daihatsu Xenia. In China, the car is produced under the name FAW Senya.

    Despite the compact external dimensions (car length – 4120 millimeters, and width – 1630 millimeters), the model is quite spacious. In addition, it is worth noting a roomy luggage compartment, the volume of which is 470 liters. The basic equipment of the car includes air conditioning, electric windows, as well as an audio system.

    Choosing among modifications Toyota Avanza , keep in mind that the car is equipped with gasoline engines with distributed fuel injection. Modifications are available with an engine capacity of 1 liter and a capacity of 64 horsepower, as well as a 1.3-liter engine with a capacity of 85 horsepower. The gearbox is either a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission.


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