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Looking for used car engines for sale in South Africa can sometimes be a complicated activity. South Africa is home to plenty, or even thousands, of used motor spares companies. If you’re in a big hurry to find a 2nd hand car engine, dialing every one isn’t a advisable use of time. Our company understands that you’ll need a reliable used car engine inside the shortest length of time achievable. Whether your main concern is selling price, reliability of the motor, or turn-around period to obtain the engine, we offer solutions that will attain those concerns. Just contact us or complete the form on the web site and our network will email you promptly should they have stock of your desired Runx engine.

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Latest Toyota Runx Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2018-09-11 23:55:57 +02:00
Mr Mmuso Chweneemang
How much
2018-09-10 18:25:06 +02:00
Thingahangwi Mudau
I'm looking for run X engine
2018-09-06 20:17:56 +02:00
Runx 1.6 rt
I need Toyota runx engine
2018-09-06 15:56:47 +02:00
Mr Mainela
I am looking for a complete engine for a Toyota RunX 1.8, 2014 model
2018-08-25 21:36:29 +02:00
Runx RX
Seeking a second engine for Toyota Runx RX
Why Use Engine Finder

10 Most Frequent Engine Failures and the way to Identify Them

Engine breakdown isn’t good news. But not just is your car completely unusable – which means that you are going to have to take public transport or find a ride with a co-worker in order to get to where you need to go – yet figuring out what is faulty in addition to solving the issue can be quite difficult. Whether your motor is overheating, creating weird sounds, or misfiring, what’s causing it could be certainly one of a multitude of problems.

What Could Be the Trouble?
Consider the “check engine” light not the end of the world for your car, but rather as a possible indicator that some thing must have replacement or repair. Your vehicular computer could find any one of the pursuing challenges.

Too little lubrication.
Your car will need oil between its moving parts. Not only will this lessen friction, but it will simultaneously eliminate heat. Seeing that engines are full of moving parts, keeping oil levels high is really important. Neglecting to ensure good oiling can cause the automobile to get too hot and its components to seize, hence maintain the oil at an suitable level. Lower volumes might suggest leakage or even burning.

Oil pump fail.
A failing oil pump causes what is described as oil starvation, that’s almost always harmful towards the engine. Make sure you’re making use of the suitable kind of oil in your Toyota engine, mainly in the higher-risk overhead cam motors. Oil should be of the good viscosity, meaning it has to be light enough to transfer quickly.

Grimey engine oil.
Oil has to be changed routinely. Due to the fact old oil will leave particles or deposits on parts inside the engine. Pieces such as spark plugs and cylinder heads work extremely efficiently, and having debris impedes the operation. A clogged oil filter causes serious harm to any engine along with lessen your car’s gas mileage.

Worn spark plug.
A spark plug really is a small yet very important part of any car’s assembly simply because it propels a car to move. It ignites pressurized gasoline by transferring electrical power on the spark plug’s end towards the electrode in the engine. Though spark plugs are constructed to work for thousands and thousands of kms, many will from time to time wear out quickly. This can make the motor to misfire or thwart ignition completely. One bad spark plug raises the pollutants in your car and reduces its gas mileage.

Spark knock.
Detonation, or spark knock, is a type of combustion attributable to the buildup of excessive pressure and heat within the motors combustion chamber. When this happens, you should be in the position to hear a metal tapping or pinging sound. A little detonation in most cases won’t create huge problems, however intense knocks or perhaps prolonged detonation can trigger serious damage to your components. Any time a knock is present, the camshaft isn’t any longer working in addition to the pistons.

Defective or faulty oxygen indicator.
The sensor quantifies how much o2 hasn’t been burned up inside the exhaust system. This monitors the vehicle’s info system by assessing how much gasoline is left in your tank. In the event your car is running out of gas whether or not the petrol gauge states that that you are half-full, you most likely are experiencing an situation with the oxygen indicator in the engine. Often, that ends up with decreased fuel consumption.

Poor compression.
Both gasoline and also air has to be pressurised for the engine to operate adequately and make power. If combustion is not happening, the motor will never operate. There are many different factors of which compression might be malfunctioning, including the pistons and cylinders.

Coolant loss.
If the engine is constantly over heating, you may be experiencing coolant loss. Vehicle engines use coolant as a general constant source of heat reduction, and the losing of the liquid triggers extreme heats.

Obstructed radiator.
Messy coolant leads to a number of complications. If ever the radiator ends up being inundated with sediment coming from unclean coolant, it will most likely trigger your engine to get too hot. Corrode can also happen if hard water is used.

Loose or missing petrol lid.
A hugely not addressed issue in engine failures is definitely the petrol cap. This significant part will keep fuel from evaporating, saving you money and keeping fuel inside the vehicle’s gasoline tank when needed.

If you think maybe you have an engine problem, it’s essential that you make contact with a auto technician. What you might think is faulty it’s key that you make contact with a car repair professional. With the above info you’ll have a far better idea of what might be awry on your motor. If you at some point ought to swap your motor, get in touch and we’ll get the best quotation from our network of junk yards with small or no inconvenience for you.

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