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Looking For A Used Toyota Verso Engine?

The procedure of looking for used Toyota Verso engines for sale in SA can be trying when you find yourself in a hurry. South Africa has scores, or even thousands, of 2nd hand junk yard organizations. When you are in a big hurry to obtain a 2nd hand engine, dialing everyone is not a sensible use of time. We know the desperation of locating trusted car engine. If cost-effective prices, consistency, and time are your leading goals, then we can provide the remedy to aid you. Simply phone us or complete the enquiry form and you will be one step closer to getting your used Toyota engine.

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Latest Toyota Verso Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2018-09-09 17:06:52 +02:00
Basil John Nelson
Cape Town
Looking for cylinder head for Toyota Corrolla Verso 2007 model 1.6 .
2018-07-10 16:04:51 +02:00
Northwest, Klerksdorp
Verso 1.6 2006
I am looking for a complete engine.
2018-06-04 17:11:11 +02:00
HI i`m looking for the front left headlamp and the rear right tail light. plus the bonnet of a toyota corrola verso
2018-05-14 01:41:45 +02:00
Adolphus Ojinnaka
Lagos Nigeria
Corolla Verso
I have imported a right hand drive Toyota Corolla Verso into Nigeria and I am looking for a panel to enable the conversion. Any suppliers?
2018-05-14 01:36:24 +02:00
Adolphus Ojinnaka
Lagos Nigeria
Corolla Verso
I have imported a right hand drive Toyota Corolla Verso into Nigeria and I am looking for a panel to enable the conversion. Any suppliers?
Top 10 Engine Faults

10 Commonest Engine Problems and the way to Identify Them

When your vehicle’s engine fails, it’s a complete hassle. But not just is your car downright unusable – and thus you are going to need to take trains and buses or get a ride with someone you know to get to the place have to go – yet identifying what exactly is wrong and repairing the issue can be very troublesome. Whether or not the issue is coming from the car heating up, a misfiring or perhaps the engine light turns on, the systems in your car often show special warning signs that signify imminent failure.

What May Be the Problem?
Whether or not the problem is coming from the automobile over heating, a misfiring motor or the engine warning light flashes on, the technologies in your car typically show special indicators that stand for approaching breakdown.

Many of us see the “check engine” warning and in a flash expect forthcoming disaster as an alternative to observing it as being a helpful tool that implies likely engine difficulty. A motor technician could find one of the subsequent challenges:

Deficiency of lubrication.
Lowered oil pressure is usually among the cause of car engine breakdown given that oil will be life line for the engine. Engine oil not only reduces friction of components but additionally oils the car engine and soaks up heat. Because of this , failing to exchange oil at the advised intervals will ultimately severely break your car engine. Failing to ensure proper oiling can trigger the vehicle to get too hot and it is parts to seize, hence maintain your oil at an suitable level. Low levels could suggest leakage or even burning.

Oil pump fail.
If the automobile’s oil pump is not operating, the engine will break from part friction that will usually lead to permanent damage. Make sure that you’re using the right variety of oil for your engine, particularly in the higher-risk over head cam motors. Oil really should be of a proper viscosity, this means it needs to be light enough to move easily.

Dirty oil.
Anytime motor oil is scummy, as opposed to giving a barrier in between combustion chambers and intake vales, it results in deposits which cause over heating. Components for example timing gears and combustion chambers operate rather efficiently, and having by-products hinders their operation. If the oil filter is stopped up or absent, this might be the cause of the situation.

Worn spark plug.
A spark plug is actually a smaller however vital component of your vehicle’s assembly considering that it propels an automobile to go. It ignites pressurized gasoline by transmitting electrical power on the spark plug’s end towards the electrode within the car engine. While spark plugs are produced to persist for thousands and thousands of kms, these will often wear down easily. This may cause the motor to mis-fire or thwart ignition entirely. One problematic spark plug increases the by-products from your automobile and reduces the gas mileage.

Spark knock.
A spark knock, also called a detonation, is really a form of ignition that occurs when there are excessive pressure and heat in the engine’s ignition chamber. When this happens, a metallic tapping sound may be noticed. A little amount of knocking typically won’t cause serious damages, however a unrelenting or intense detonation will be a significant problem for the automobile. It could put holes in your pistons, crush rod bearings, blow gaskets, ruin valves, along with break piston ring grooves.

Damaged or problematic oxygen sensor.
This is actually a electronic device that processes the oxygen ratios which are burning up inside the exhaust system. Then it conveys to the automobile’s information system just how much petrol is within the gasoline storage tank. An issue with the o2 sensing unit implies the vehicle acquires erroneous info.

Bad compression.
Each gasoline plus air need to be pressurised for your engine to run adequately and produce energy. If combustion is not taking place, the engine cannot run. There can be many issues from which compression might be malfunctioning, like the pistons and cylinders.

Coolant loss.
Usually, coolant loss is considered the most prevalent reason for over heating. The ensuing hot temperatures can easily ruin the motor and it’s also expensive for repair. Prevention is a better means for stretching the durability of one’s motor so stick to your vehicle’s proposed agenda for purging the coolant system.

Obstructed radiator.
Mucky coolant might cause a number of complications. Sediment in messy coolant puts a stop to air from passing through the radiator which will make the engine to get too hot. Deterioration can also happen if hard water is utilized.

Loose or missing petrol cap.
A typically not addressed issue in motor failures will be the fuel cap. A wobbly or absent fuel cap will cause gas to evaporate from your car, bringing down its gas mileage and charging you likely hundreds of rands.

In the event your “check engine” light springs on, really do not worry. At a minimum one of these 10 troubles will probably have transpired, only experienced auto technicians will know the truthful severity of the troubles. Equipped with the above mentioned knowledge you will have a significantly better understanding of what might be faulty in your motor. Should you eventually ought to substitute your engine, get in touch and we’ll get the best quote from a network of SA junk yards with little or no bother for you.

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