2011 Ford Ranger 3.0 TDCi Stripping For Spares

2011 Ford Ranger 3.0 TDCi Stripping For Spares




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Currently on offer for parting out is the 2011 Ford Ranger 3.0 TDCi, an exceptional source of premium Ford spare parts. This robust model is powered by the WEAT engine, renowned for its diesel performance and durability.

Key Specifications:

Stock Code: APC0919
Fuel Type: Diesel
Transmission: Manual

Highlighted parts from this Ford Ranger include the rugged manual transmission and the dependable WEAT engine, perfect for those requiring a combination of power and endurance. These parts are crucial for maintaining the Ford Ranger’s reputation as a reliable workhorse.

Explore our wide array of Ford Ranger engines for sale to find exactly what you need for your vehicle’s maintenance or upgrade. Ensure your Ford continues to perform at its best with our quality spares.

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