2016 Ford Ranger 2.2 Tdci Manual 6 Speed Stripping For Spares

2016 Ford Ranger 2.2 Tdci Manual 6 Speed Stripping For Spares

2016 Ford Ranger 2.2 Tdci Manual 6 Speed Stripping For Spares

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2016 Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi Manual 6 Speed Stripping for Spares

Reliable Spare Parts from WR Auto Parts

For those looking to maintain their Ford Ranger’s efficiency, the 2016 Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi manual 6 speed is now being stripped for spares by WR Auto Parts. Their trusted scrap yard, based in Pretoria, offers a wide range of parts to deliver across South Africa, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Wide Range of Quality Ford Ranger Spares

With a comprehensive selection of spares from transmission parts to body panels, WR Auto Parts ensures you can find the exact part you need to keep your Ford Ranger running smoothly. Check out more Ford engines for sale to explore additional options for keeping your vehicle in top condition.

Trustworthy Source for Spare Parts

WR Auto Parts takes pride in offering only the best parts, ensuring that every component meets the highest standards. Whether you need engine parts, suspension components, or interior fittings, WR Auto Parts is the go-to scrap yard for Ford enthusiasts.

For those looking beyond Ford Ranger, see more Ford vehicles stripping for spares.

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