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Looking For A Used Nissan Sentra Engine?

There are numerous causes you might need an engine for your automobile. Its possible you have experienced a car accident, the engine could have seized, the head gasket ruptured, or perhaps much more issues. Our daily existence heavily depend upon our cars allowing us to securely get to the office and go back home again, this is why it’s good to obtain an engine swiftly.

And that is where our organization come in to assist you in the mission to come across a used Nissan Sentra engine. No matter what Nissan Sentra model you drive, may it be a 1.6 Acenta or a 160 Gx  we shall support you in finding what you may need!

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Latest Nissan Sentra Engine Enquiries

Year / Model
Engine Code
2018-08-07 12:55:01 +02:00
Please quote on Nissan Sentra 1600
2018-08-02 12:00:17 +02:00
Hi im looking for preferably just the engine block otherwise complete engine for Nissan sentra 3 1992-ish 1.6L fuel injection (GA16)
2018-06-04 13:12:43 +02:00
Cape Town
Looking for a nissan sentra nox engine. Desperately please assist 1500
2018-06-03 19:48:35 +02:00
1996 Nissan Sentra bubble
1.6 16valve
Require new or rebuit engine
2018-05-31 14:17:04 +02:00
Tom Norman
1.6 petrol
must be used, running
Why Use Engine Finder

We have a huge community of Nissan scrap yards.

There exists a significant circle of scrap yards and motor suppliers through Sa. Just one enquiry is perhaps all it will require to instantly contact all of our engine importers. That is a Giant time saver! Calling one junk yard to another is obviously laborious!

This greatly strengthens your chances of obtaining a used engine. When hunting for you own motor you will have to either perform a little research or dig through Gumtree advertisements and call every seller your self. By way of Engine Finder, you can discover the motor you require hundreds of kilometers away, even though there was none close to you.

Purchase direct from our suppliers

On no account are the prices pumped since you’re dealing direct with the salvage yards. The scrap yard sells you the engine, so this means charges are not marked up in anyway. Just about every junk yard have a unique method of handling their organization, but you’ll be trading directly with them.

Get reached by dealers via e-mail or cellphone

Whether you’d rather consult somebody on the phone or perhaps get numerous emails which you can print and assess next to each other, you’ll get a few estimates from businesses by means of telephone or email. In some instances you might observe big price in between the several quotations you will get. Often the lowest priced choice is not necessarily the best!


Engine Finder allows you to discover second hand Nissan Sentra engines for sale throughout South Africa. Making an request is in addition quick: simply fill in a few simple fields inside the enquiry form (information that you’ll possibly know or possibly be capable of easily find in your engine), and then click submit. Dependant upon inventory availability you should be obtaining responses from various companies from across the nation.

Remember we won’t only help you in finding Nissan Sentra engines, we unearth engines for all those vehicle brands in SA. The saying: “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking” has stopped legitimate! Save much time from a smaller amount phone calls and less driving to each junk yard.

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