2008 Jeep Cherokee 3.7 KK Stripping For Spares

2008 Jeep Cherokee 3.7 KK Stripping For Spares

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2008 JEEP CHEROKEE 3.7 KK Stripping for Spares

Introducing the 2008 Jeep Cherokee 3.7 KK available for stripping. This robust vehicle, recognized for its durability, is now being dismantled for parts at USA Spares, a trusted scrap yard based in Pretoria. Parts are available for delivery across South Africa. The Jeep Cherokee 3.7 KK is notable for its powerful 3.7L petrol engine paired with an automatic transmission, making its components valuable for many repairs and restorations.

Engine and Transmission

For those looking for reliable engine parts, the Jeep Cherokee’s 3.7L petrol engine offers durable components. Its automatic transmission is also available for those requiring replacement parts.

Body and Interior Parts

This red-colored Jeep Cherokee provides a variety of body parts including doors, mirrors, and bumpers. The interior parts such as seats, dashboards, and electrical components are in good condition, ready to be repurposed.

Suspension and Braking Components

Suspension components including shocks, struts, and control arms, as well as braking parts like calipers and discs, are available from this Jeep Cherokee.

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