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    Looking For an Import or Used E46 BMW Engine?

    In the hunt for used E46 engines for sale? Allow us to assist you in finding an engine swiftly! When you give us a call or use our on-line form, your inquiry will get emailed instantly onto a large community of BMW scrap yards, re-manufacturers, auto salvage yards and BMW engine importers. Just choose the specific vehicle brand name enter your automobile details and complete the form.

    Or alternatively phone us! Afterward just chill out and wait for the appropriate estimates to reach you by way of e-mail or telephone. You should be aware we do not guarantee any of the suppliers’ engines, action or services.

    Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

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    Latest BMW E46 Engine Enquiries

    2021-10-21 16:41:54 +02:00
    Free State
    2l diesel
    looking for a complete secondhand engine
    2021-10-18 06:33:32 +02:00
    Im looking for those repair kits for the right door cylinder. Please help
    2021-10-14 08:15:59 +02:00
    Hi there, I am looking for an engine for my project BMW M3 E46
    2021-10-14 08:15:58 +02:00
    Hi there, I am looking for an engine for my project BMW M3 E46
    2021-10-11 11:39:53 +02:00
    E46 330i
    How much bmw e46 330i
    2021-10-11 11:08:05 +02:00
    JHB/ Pretoria
    E46 / Diesel
    looking for a complete engine or half engine (block), request feedback
    2021-10-09 23:38:32 +02:00
    Want e46 n42 engine price secoñd hand
    2021-10-07 13:48:21 +02:00
    6 cylinder
    2021-10-06 16:16:23 +02:00
    looking to buy e46 bmw engine recon or used in running condition urgently
    2021-10-04 13:50:33 +02:00
    Parys, Free State
    looking for an automatic gearbox P08
    2021-10-03 06:48:30 +02:00
    M3 E46 diff wanted
    2021-10-01 22:33:51 +02:00
    Cape Town Kenilworth
    What’s the price of E46 engine?
    2021-10-01 14:23:08 +02:00
    2l petrol
    looking for a complete secondhand engine
    2021-09-27 06:48:44 +02:00
    Good day i am looking for a 325i e46 engine with gearbox and ecu for my bmw 325i touring
    2021-09-22 09:08:58 +02:00
    Boksburg / Benoni
    2.5l petrol
    looking for a complete secondhand engine
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    We will hook you up to our considerable community salvage yard firms: You will find a large circle of salvage yards as well as engine suppliers all through Gauteng and the rest of SA. It really means one request sent to our company will go off to all of them. Contacting each firm is lengthy specifically when you are in a disastrous situation of without having transportation!

    This drastically improves the chances of you getting a used E46 engine. Without our help, you’ll probably typically phone the salvage yards which are near you. Whenever you enquire here, its likely that you might get an E46 engine from a different province.

    Absolutely no Intermediary Costs

    You inquire directly with our junk yards. The scrap yard sells you the motor, which also means costs are not hiked up in no matter what. Just about every supplier have a distinct approach to managing their company, but you’ll be dealing specifically with them.

    Attain different quotes either by telephone or just e-mail

    Subject to stock availability you’ll be given many estimates from the numerous salvage yards. By having multiple quotations, you are able to ensure that you get the best deal in order to get the engine that’s required and get your vehicle restored.


    With the help of our service is a obvious as soon as you understand how good connected our company is with the engine salvage yards inside Gauteng. Our own call employees will be waiting to take your call from Monday to Friday in between 08h00 – 5:00 pm. Or our website’s online enquiry form can be used 24×7! Subject to stock availability you should be obtaining replies from numerous motor spares companies from round the country.

    Bear in mind we will not only guide you in finding E46 engines, we locate engines for every automobile brands in South Africa. Our company’s service helps you save an enormous amount of time, from preventing you from calling every salvage yard individually.

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